Delco Semiquin Plan: Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

JOIN US TO MAKE HISTORY! In 2026, America celebrates the 250th anniversary of the founding of our nation. 

America’s 250th anniversary isn't just a party thrown for us, it's a party thrown by us!

America250PADelco is conducting county-wide community engagement planning from January - May 2024 to develop the ‘Delco Semiquincentennial Celebration Plan’ describing how Delco will celebrate activities and events leading up the 250th anniversary of the nation’s independence in July 2026.

What is the ONE story of Delco History that people should remember AFTER the celebration to understand where we are and inform our future?

How you want Delco to celebrate our freedom? All kinds of programs that have a connection to the 250th are eligible to partner. Parades, commemorations, performances? Exhibitions, storytelling, re-enactments,? Days of service, tree plantings, neighborhood clean-ups?

Delco stakeholders from businesses, schools, municipalities, organizations and groups working in education, labor, cultural, civic, veterans, faith-based, immigrant-, LGTBQ-, disability-and ethnically related social communities across the County are invited to participate in interactive workshop to contribute to the ‘Delco Semiquincentennial Celebration Plan’ describing how Delco will celebrate activities and events that are relevant to the 250th anniversary of the nation’s independence. 

Every hand raised, every voice heard, every story shared shapes this celebration into a reflection of who we are as a community.

Get involved, own your piece of history, and let's show the world the power of Delco pride, united in spirit, history, and community!

Virtual and in-person dates to be announced soon.

If you would like to host a planning session in your community, please contact

Refreshments will be served. 

These programs are made possible by funding from the Philadelphia Funding Collaborative for the Semiquincentennial.