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The Education Sub-committee is dedicated to increasing understanding, appreciation, and pride in US and Delco history and civics with the public and students through special projects and events.

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Community & Public Art

The Community Art Sub-committee will work with local arts organizations to find places and partners for projects throughout Delaware County to capture lost and underrepresented voices, engages the community in U.S. and Delco history and civics, and commemorates the 250th anniversary.

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Special Projects/Programs

This sub-committee works on short- and long-term projects and programs through the years leading up to and including 2026. If you have a specific interest or only have a short time to volunteer, this group is for you.

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Marketing & Social Media

This group works on promotion and marketing for all of the other groups and their projects/programs. Help spread the word!

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

The DEIA sub-committee will help consider the needs and desired outcomes for all events, activities, and projects and inform practices intended to ensure people from a broad set of socio-demographic backgrounds are represented and able to participate in local 250th commemoration. America250PADelco is committed to taking an inclusive approach to engage broad community participation across 49 municipalities and partners in education, labor, cultural, civic, veterans, faith-based, immigrant-, LGTBQ-, disability-and ethnically-related organizations.

1724 Chester Courthouse Advisory Committee

The mission of the Friends of the 1724 Chester Courthouse is to preserve, promote, and educate the public on the historic significance of the 1724 Chester Courthouse. This oldest continuously occupied building in public use in the country exemplifies 18th century architecture and the development of the concepts of justice, equity, and freedom. If you are an individual, business, or organization, that would like to join these efforts, please send an email to or complete the form below.

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