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The Education Sub-committee is dedicated to educating people of all ages of the importance of the Revolution to our collective history through special projects and events

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Community Art

Our Community Art Sub-committee will work with local arts organizations to find places and partners for projects throughout Delaware County to create lasting legacies and places to remember the 250th.

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Special Projects/Programs

This sub-committee works on short- and long-term projects and programs through the years leading up to and including 2026. If you have a specific interest or only have a short time to volunteer, this group is for you.

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Social Media

This group works on promotion and marketing for all of the other groups and their projects/programs. Help spread the word!


We want this celebration to be for all Americans and all Delco residents. We want to hear from you and work with community groups throughout Delaware County to make this as inclusive as possible. Contact us to join this sub-committee.

Help us celebrate America's 250th birthday! If you want to join us but aren't sure where you fit- don't worry! We'll be able to find a spot for you.
All skills and backgrounds are welcome.